How to Connect your Blog with Facebook Page|WEB traffic

In advertisement the blog is also played an important role in many field like Facebook YouTube and many others. If any person have own business or personal blog and he want to connect this blog to their social media platform like Facebook so what would be the correct steps. In this post i discuss about link blog to Facebook page or increase traffic on blog by using Facebook page.
How you can connect blog:
You can connect your blog to your Facebook page in which you want to share your post or advertise your business. When you create page or after creating the option of add website is available. Many people are not know about that and also it’s advantages but it’s play a key role in getting sales generate blog traffic and many more. Just copy your blog URL and paste it in to your page where the add website option.
How your blog work and boost your sales and also traffic:
In the blog advertisement through Facebook the blog is one of the best source. Through blog advertisement you need to upload your advertising material into your blog and post your blog ads URL in to your Facebook page and share that post to all the related groups. This action is too much valuable and it happen positive for your business. I apply this process my self first then suggest to others.
Can page increase your blog traffic:
After doing all the steps of Facebook when people open your blog link and saw your ads then absolutely you gain two advantage at a time one is the selling of your product and promote your business and another is increase traffic both source are generate your revenue and boost your income this is the proven way of more sales and also increase website traffic.


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