Earn Money through YouTube in 202|Earning method

Nowadays, when every person find job in that time you tube is perform services like a life taker because he offer peoples to create channels upload content and then it paid to peoples and there were a millions of peoples who earn through it and doing nothing except you tube in this post i discussed about how you can earn money through you tube is it legit.
YouTube is one of the big platform like google,Facebook,Instagram and tweeter millions of people use it for different purposes like education,entertainment,advertisement and many more.In this developing world you tube is a source of communication and every person can connect with all over the world within a minute through you tube by live streaming making videos and publishing ads.
Why people use YouTube:
Peoples are use you tube for three purposes these are described below:

Most of the people use you tube for educational purpose and they are learn online by watching live streams and videos which provide their institute on you-tube channel. You tube is the cheap source of learning because any person learn through it without any fee or spending money that’s why people use it for learning purposes.
The second type of people who are using you tube are those who are use you tube just for fun or entertainment because there were a lot of videos which are available in you tube about entertainments like films,games,songs and dramas. People are watch these type of videos because after a hard work of all day they were tired badly and want to fresh their mind and want to see something funny.
The last category is advertisement this is unique and not match with above categories because in this type all people who use for marketing purposes they are marketer and do publicity of their product all over the world via you tube some companies are pay you tube only for ads and publicity and some companies start their own channels and publish advertising videos.
How earn money through you tube:
After discussing the reasons of using you tube, now it’s easy to understand for any person that how he earn through it first of all when any person want to start a you tube channels he must keep in mind all the reasons of using you tube because when you start a channel related learning or education then it’s 100% guaranty that your channels is getting so boost and you earn too. Because if you upload your content according to public need then you content got rank because the people search your content and watch it and after this you must learn about technical knowledge of you tube about creating channels making videos and uploading it and learning material are available in you tube already and when you reach the minimum limit of the amount the you withdraw you money into your specified wallet or accounts.


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