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Do follow links

(What is do follow back links and what is it’s advantages)

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In this post.I will discuss about an important type of back link which called do follow back link i define basic knowledge in my previous post read if you not know about do follow basic intro.
What is Do follow link:
Do follow link is a type of back link it mean those link who remain permanent and provide traffic to blog/website for whole life. These type of links are not remove . After some time or even after long time.

Mostly people prefer these link. Because these link are help full then no follow link. These are created for back link mean for increasing traffic. This is also a part of SEO and many people and companies are use these types of links, for getting traffic and boost their business.
How to create Do follow link:
Do follow link are created in website mostly. Many companies are build their own private back link network(PBN) for only creating back links and getting traffic. Private server network is one of the best source of creating permanent back links.

You need to create some website and then connect those website it’s called an network. If anyone open your one blog Then the other once is also show in it. He click and move to other which is interacted.
What kind of links are useful:
You must keep this thing into mind that you create link according to your blog niche. It mean don’t create link which not belong to your niche it is dangerous for you and your blog.

If you want to increase traffic for your tec blog. So you need to create back links in tec related niche only not any other niche. You get ranking and organic traffic. If and only if you create relevant back links.

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