Types of Back links|Is it useful for getting organic traffic

Hello friends welcome to my another amazing post. I will share legit earning methods with you for online earning and share tips and tricks for learning and also earning. If any one new or first time come so he can visit our previous posts and read complete if want to earn money or learn skills for online work. In this post i will discuss about back links and it’s types also. Read complete post and this post is for especially those person who are searching for increase blog traffic or getting organic traffic.
What is back link:
Back link is a type of link which is created behind the web page it means that this link is for referring purpose. When any one click this link then the visitor move to another website and this called back linking strategy. Back links are basically created for increasing blog traffic and especially increasing organic traffic. Million of people are use this trick and rank their websites on google’s first page. Some people are also create PBN server for only back linking purpose and getting organic traffic. When more people open your blog the google rank your website because of increasing public interest. Some types of back links these types are also called back links features.
There was two type of back link:
Do follow back links
No follow back links

These are two types of back links it include do follow back links and no follow back links.
Do follow back links:
Do follow back link is first type of back links these are main type because these links are remain permanent that’s why people wants to crease do follow back links instead of no follow links . Do follow links are permanent source of traffic and not remove of lost. If any one create do follow link so this link is for life time traffic source this link not remove automatically. This link only remove that time when admin want’s otherwise never.
No follow back links:
No follow links are also type of back links but these links are not so popular because people not want to create link which is only for time and remove or lost after some time. When anyone create link and this link remove accidentally so this type of link called no follow link in simple word “a link which not remain for life time and remove after some period of time that’s called no follow link”. These types of links are not strong source of traffic that’s why people want to create only do follow links.


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