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What is No follow back links and how it’s create

Hello friends welcome all i hope you all well and enjoy your life. I share tips and tricks about online work and also online earning. If you follow us so you can learn skills and also groom your self in online field. Many people search about online job and online work but unfortunately,they didn’t found the real work. We start’s this blog only for this type of people. Who are job less or job seeker and want to learn skills online for online earning.

If anyone new and want to learn any skill. So he can visit our posts and learn good and authentic lesson of earning. In this post I will discuss about the type of back links which name is no follow links. In two previous posts I already discuss this topic in detail include what is back link,it’s types and it’s creation. If you not know so visit previous posts.
What is No follow back links:

No follow link is a type of link which is created for increasing website traffic . These links are easy to create and useful. But the disadvantage of these links is that these are not permanent links. It means that these are remove after some time or stop working. Any one can create these type of links. These are easy to create but not strong as much as Do follow back links. The popularity of Do follow links are so high over no follow links. That’s why people prefer Do follow links mostly. Only some people create No follow links which are beginner in SEO field or in blogging field. And when they are become expert then they are creating strong links called Do follow links.
How to create No follow links:

No follow back links are created same. As Do follow links the main difference is that these links are created in social media. Some servers which removes these links after some time or disable it for any reason. And the other hand Do follow links are created in website’s. Which is hosted by trusted server and the link creator is own of these website’s he was build the links as well. Do follow links are not be removed until the owner want to remove otherwise not. I recommend you to create, Do follow links only because, no follow is not much useful. And these links are removed or deleted after some period of time.

I hope you learn something different and extraordinary. Keep it up and give us support by sharing your thoughts via comments.


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