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Job Vs Business in 2020|Which one is best

Hello visitors i observe that some people say that job is best and some of them were saying business is best in this review i discuss all the factors of job and business.
What is job:
The simple meaning of job is a type of work in which you don’t invest any penny and work under someone and not be your own boss. Job not business because job starts without any investment therefore, the business needs investment for starting. In job you for any person or company and that person or company pay you for your service.
What is business:
I explain business in only one line “Job only for survival but business is for dreams”. It means job is only feed your family and you can’t fill full dreams,but in the business you earn more then your expectations and you earn too.You can get every thing which is your dream or which you desire, because business not feed your family and not only complete your basic necessities.It also get you every thing which you want.
What is the difference between job and business and what is the best:
In according to my knowledge is your family financial condition is not good so you need to start a reliable job in which can support your family and also yourself. In the other hand if your are belong to wealthy family and you have enough money so you start your own business. In business no any kind of limitation of restriction for you because in this work your are your own boss and not work under any other. You can work any time or do any thing in which you think profit and if you put your effort and work hard in your business so you can earn hand income. Business is also have two kinds one is physical business another is online business. I discuss these two topics in detail in my next post. Thanks for reading and following us keep start learning and also keep start earning wish you good luck!


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