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Two types of job and Business|Online job&physical job

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Hello friends,i already describe the job and business in my previous post. In this post i will discuss two types of job and also two type of business. If you not understand or knew what is job and what is business of not knew difference so you can read my previous post also.
There was two types of job:
i)Physical Job
ii)Online Job
i)Physical Job:

First of all we discuss about job then discuss about types of business. There were two types of job one is physical job and another is online job. We discuss first physical job or work. Physical is work in which you need to go any where for work purpose and do work. Physical job mean you go somewhere for job and work physically under someone.
ii)Online Job
In online job you don’t need to go any where or work physically. In this category you only need a cell phone or PC and fast internet connection. You don this with these things at your own home and earn a hand some amount which is good for you and your family. But in this work you need some education of internet English language and also some experience.
There was two types of business:
i)Physical Business
ii)Online business
i)Physical Business

Physical business is a type of business in which you need to go physically some where and start your own work. Do physical work not virtually. Physical business has more value in the world and all the big companies start physical business in the start and then start online business when the world has develop and the technologies were come.
ii)Online business
Online business if one of the best choice nowadays because the world grow rapidly day by day. And there were a lot of online business available which are start with little amount and give the huge profit as well.I want to describe some of the legit online business.Website reselling,Investing with any big company like Amazon,start a online store, make a web server or make hosting reseller web,buy digital currency and sale when their prices are high.


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